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K-Electric Declares Load shedding For Karachi

K-Electric(KE) has declared load shedding in Karachi from today, June 9th, 2022. KE’s spokesperson says that load shedding applied at odd hours. Due to decrease in water level of Tarbela Dam and other hydro power stations in the country. The spokesperson adds that KE will keep on taking all possible measures. To overcome this situation and provide uninterrupted electricity supply to its consumers.

K-Electric announces load shedding in Karachi

K-Electric will be carrying out load shedding from today. The power supply of KESC reduced from 500 MW to 450 MW. There is no load shedding schedule announced for citizens and business owners, however, KESC states that load shedding times will vary daily. They advise that you should monitor TV channels and social media accounts of KESC to receive updates on times. when you can expect your power to cut off. There are also special training sessions is providing by KESC which include procedures for non-electrical load shedding preparation.

Residents take to streets

People took to streets and started protesting against load shedding in Karachi. K-electric announced that they will face severe load shedding from today. The reason behind such huge load shedding is still not clear but officials say that it is going to continue for some time due to low water level at Tarbela Dam, increase of power consumption in summer as well as technical issues in transmission lines. Large number of protesters have reached at Dhabeji Power Plant where Pakistan Peoples Party’s senior leader Nafisa Shah has also reached with them to protest against load shedding . She said that government should take responsibility for people of Karachi and solve their problems immediately so no one should come out on roads for such a thing.

How long will it last?

According to an official from K-Electric, a power shortfall of 1,500 megawatts (MW) in supply experienced across all regions of Sindh. This schedule is likely to implemented for 4 hours at a time, over 12 to 15 times a day. Power outages are expected to last unto days or even weeks. However, that could change as temperatures start rising once again. If you’re facing load shedding and want more information on how your business might be affected by Karachi’s energy crisis, follow these tips and tricks given in the end.

What areas will be affected?

The residents of Karachi will suffer from 10 hours of power outage every day. The schedule has been announced by K-Electric and will be in effect from today. All four divisions including Central, West, South and East will have to face electricity shutdowns for ten hours a day. Around 800MW out of 1200MW produced by K-electric will be saved during this time. The supply shortage is about 400MW which is difficult to reduce because of poor equipment and ageing transmission lines in city limits.

How you can make sure your home won’t get hurt by it

Before even thinking about how to keep your home safe from load shedding, you’ll want to know when and where it will take place. You can learn about upcoming power outages through KE’s official website or by following them on Twitter or Facebook. You can also call their emergency helpline at 92-21-3870 9132. If you live in an area prone to regular outages, make sure you have some sort of backup energy source like a generator or solar panels that can kick in during a load shedding period.

Tips & tricks on how to save energy

Karachi’s power outages are a regular affair. Although K-Electric does a decent job at maintaining supply during high demand, there are still times when customers aren’t able to get their electricity. In order to avoid losing electricity and prepare for load shedding.
Try these three energy saving tips:

  • unplug all electrical appliances that aren’t in use
  • Turn off lights when leaving your home
  • When cooking, use smaller utensils (ex: skillet instead of stove).
  • you have some sort of backup energy source like a generator or solar panels

The money you save by implementing these easy steps will more than pay for itself!

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