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The latest tech news from all around the world. It includes new upgraded hardware, apps, and much more. We will be including top companies as well as the new tech startups in Pakistan and all over the world as well. Sickpage has the latest in what matters in technology daily. We are not just focusing on the future events of the technology upgrades and advancements. But we also covers  all the previous issues of The Tech industry. We will also like to include new researches in the universities or colleges for the advancement o technology. Other than that we have lot to cover about the Web 3.0 that is going to be one of a kind in the near future.

Sellfy: The Best Shopify Alternative for Creators 2023

Sellfy: The Best Shopify Alternative for Creators 2023

Is Sellfy the best Shopify alternative? In the ever-evolving digital world, creators and entrepreneurs need a reliable and user-friendly platform to sell their merchandise and digital products online. Enter Sellfy, an easy-to-use eCommerce solution that empowers creators to establish their…

Buddy Punch: Best Employee Time Tracking and Scheduling 2023

Buddy Punch: Best Employee Time Tracking - Sickpage

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective employee time management is crucial for maintaining productivity and streamlining operations. Buddy Punch is a leading employee time clock software that offers a comprehensive solution to simplify employee scheduling, time tracking, and payroll management.…