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How this Poultry Influencer can Save your Business.

Poultry was considered a strict and time-bound work to own. But as time passed, this is the most suitable and profitable startup for some entrepreneurs. They are not looking for a fortune out of it, but a steady side business to support their basic necessity. But the poultry farm business is growing with much speed that it can be the sole income stream for a person to live happily. All you need is time, affection for the chickens, a little investment, and a suitable environment for them to grow. There are some important tips that I would like to share with you if you are interested in the poultry farm business.

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Learn Hen Farming:

A business in which you deal with living things can not be easy in the beginning. Things can go wrong. If this happens, you not only lose your money but their lives as well. So the first step to starting a poultry farm is to learn about it. You may think how can I teach you about farming even though I don’t know myself enough? Yes, you are right, But I know a person that can. “Chicks wali Sarkar” is a YouTube channel of a professional hen farmer. He started this gig as a side hustle and keeps growing. You can find his YouTube channel, where he guides and share his experience with his audience. You can start poultry farming as a beginner just by watching his videos.

Planning to start and Grow:

Now that you have learned about basic poultry farming, you can start planning your hustle. You may want to start with a logo that symbolizes your brand and stand out as unique. Decide what outcomes you are looking for, and what types of hens you want to breed. By answering these questions you are doing future forecasting for your gig, as it decides what feed you are providing them based on your requirements, how many places you would be requiring? and how to stabilize the poultry environment for them in changing weather. These things can really be tricky and sometimes exhausting. You can always visit “chicks wali sarkar“, you can ask him questions regarding your problems.

Long-Term Thoughts:

Now that you have started your poultry farm as a side hustle. Think about what are you going to do with it in long term. You can decide this after completing one year period sticking with the first batch of hen breeds. Either you want to sell them and buy a new batch, or hold them as well and buy a new batch. Things are easy when you plan them before any unforeseen event. Note, the poultry farm business does not provide you profit right away, you must have to wait for the right time, you can generate revenue through eggs, selling hens or chicken directly into the market.

I hope you like the content, share your thoughts in the comments section, and do check the “chicks wali sarkar” YouTube channel. See you in the next one.


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